How is the manufacturing process going down?


Manufacturing a KRAGÜ is a very complex process. All together it takes more than half an hour of handiwork to transform a tie into a KRAGÜ. At first we test the vintage tie for lacks and tear strength. If the tie passed all of these tests, it gets laddered and cut exactly into the desired measurements. Now, the previously prepared inner fabric, a mixture of foam and laminate, gets integrated into the silk. During the next step the belt gets sewed up and the D-rings are sewed in. After the brand tags are attached the belt is finished: The KRAGÜ is ready and gets packaged in its its classic logo-box. For further, more detailed information feel free to take a look at our production process in the video on the right:

Does the belt fit me?

Generally speaking, the belt suits everybody with a hip measurement up to 110cm. Minor differences are possible, when ordering unique belts. Usually the KRAGÜ will be a bit too long, but that shouldn't be a problem. Just take a look at our guidelines to tie the belt properly!

Why the name KRAGÜ?

The explanation is actually rather simple. In German the word for tie starts with the letters „KRA“ (Krawatte), the word for belt starts „GÜ“ (Gürtel). The name of our label is the simple combination of those two syllables. KRA + GÜ = KRAGÜ

How did we come up with the idea?

Individuality and sustainability were the two trendsetting words in the fashion industry in the past years. As we decided to found our own label we wanted to create a product that combines those two values. While looking for a suitable material to recycle, various different and sometimes crazy ideas popped into our heads: car tires, bicycles inner tubes etc.

After numerous brainstorming sessions we lastly found the right fabric, old vintage ties. The idea filled us with enthusiasm from the first second, because we realized what high degree of individuality could be reached without having to invest heavily into different designs. From that point onwards the idea to produce belts was easily reached by looking at the natural shape of a tie.

How much is charged for the delivery?

For every delivery within Germany it's free!
For any international order, we charge 3.50€